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«Discover the Secrets of the Ionian Sea»

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Our company has been active in the field of marine tourism for over 30 years, always focusing on providing excellent service to our visitors, bringing to them our love for sailing along with our absolute respect for the environment.

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Private Day Charters

Sail, relax, swim, snorkel

From Zakynthos town harbour we sail southeast wards along the wonderful green coastline of Vasilikos.

After rounding cape Gerakas we enter the National marine Park. The protected sea turtle Caretta-Caretta area.

In the bay of Laganas we pass the islands Pelouzo and Marathonisi and steer for the Blue Caves of Keri.

Under the high cliffs we stop for swimming and snorkeling in one of the caves, after which we head for the small fishing village of Limni keriou.

There you have enough time to get to one of the tavernas,to do shopping or enjoy the village beach.

Depending on the wind we will now sail back close to the turtle island Marathonisi through Laganas bay.

Here in the warm waters we hopefully get a closer look on a seaturtle and head back for the port.

We try to find you lovely places for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.

The program is depending on wind and weather-conditions.

Sailing experience is not needed but you are more than welcome to participate in hoisting the sails etc.

Multi-Day Cruises

Cruise the Ionian Sea

We have prepared everything for you to have an experience that you will never forget!

Rent a yacht and you will have the chance to sail in the Ionian Sea from Lefkas, Kephalonia to Zakynthos (Zante), lthaki islands and other interesting places!

The Ionian Islands are a group of islands located in the Ionian Sea to the west coast of Greece.

They are traditionally called «Eptanisa» which means «the Seven Islands», but the group includes many smaller islands as well as the seven principal ones.

The islands are well known for their beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, charming villages and stunning scenic country side which is verdant and flourishing with greenery and nature.


Ithaca or lthaki is a beautiful island full of green vegetation and forest. Ithaca is famous for being the island of the mythical Odysseus. The charms are so many that every visitor will fall in love with the island. Ithaca has wonderful beaches which offer white smooth cobbles or nice colored sand mixed with green trees coming down to the crystal emerald waters of the Ionian Sea which are sparkling under the Mediterranean sun of Greece. The whole scenery looks like a paradise.


Cephalonia or Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands. The beaches all over the island are as every Ionian island, with blue green water, smooth sand and trees all around. Argostoli is the capital of Cephalonia and its port is busy the whole year with yachts and boats. Although in 1953 the earthquake destroyed most of the islands in Ionia , Fiskardo which is the northern part of Cephalonia managed to stay untouched. The people tried hard to maintain the Venetian architecture of the buildings and also the harbor. With its wonderful atmosphere among the Venetian buildings and the restaurants in from of the sea, Fiskardo is a beautiful place to visit.


Zakynthos is the third largest of the Ionian Is lands. The island has lush vegetation, forests of pine trees, wild plants and olive trees, and aquatic plants in the coastal shores. Shipwreck is the most popular beach on the island if not in Greece. In this sandy and pebbly beach you can only go by boat. Discovered in 1897, the Blue Caves are located on the north side of the island. Famous for its stunning shade and rocky structure is definitely a breath taking scenery. Greece is the only European country where the turtle (Caretta-Caretta) is nest and Zante is the most interesting spot where you can see many of them.


Lefkas is the fourth biggest island among the others in the Ionian Sea. The name «Lefkada» has been derived from the word lefko, which is the white color in Greek and suggests the white rocks that surrounds the island. Lefkas combines everything that a visitor may be searching. The whole island is full of beautiful beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, wonderful sand and many trees offering fresh air and shadow.


Meganisi is a small unexplored paradise just 4 miles outside of Lefkada. The visitors can enjoy an unspoilt natural environment combining the green earth with emerald waters, adorned with quaint viIlages, away from the reckless tourism development. Despite its small size, Meganisi offers beautiful beaches and is an ideal destination for those seeking the tranquility of the Greek landscape in a traditional setting with authentic people.


Kastos is the smallest habitable island in the Ionian Sea. It belongs to the prefecture of Lefkada and like the nearby island Kalamos, is communicating with the coast of Aitoloakarnania. The green color of the dense vegetation almost reaches the sea in this special island that has yet to experience the hustle and saturation. The tourist infrastructure is minimal and the residents deal mainly with fishing, navigation and agriculture. The nature here is really wonderful, and even in the sea around the island often encountered dolphins.


Kalamos is a small island in a short distance from the west coast of Aitoloakarnania. The high peaks of the island attract the eye. Tufted pines descend from the 800 meters to the hillside plunges steeply into dazzling, turquoise Ionian water. Looking in from the coasts, the island seems uninhabited. The two small settlements, the Kalamos and the Episkopi are hidden on the back side, beneath dense vegetation and red tiIed roofs.

The boat

Soliton is an Atlantic 49 sailing boat manufactured in Greece.

It’s a masthead sloop 49′ (14,75m) length overall, 15,02′( 4,58m) beam and 6,56′(2,00m) max draft.

It has 4 cabins, WC with electric pump, shower and saloon

The Skipper

 Alexandros,  was born in Chania, Crete.
In 1994 he graduated Lakis’ Kyriakidis sailing school with an open seas skipper license.
In 1995 he sailed around the Aegean and Ionian seas with a friend and fellow skipper. The voyage lasted 5 months and covered 1500 miles. 
In 1997 he moved to Zakynthos where he begun working as a skipper on a vessel offering daily cruises, where he continues to do so until today, with love and respect to the sea and his guests.
In 2006 he purchased Soliton, an Atlantic 49 ft. sailing vessel where is currently the skipper and co-owner.
At the end of the sailing cruise season he organizes and participates in vessel transportation.
In 2001 he transported a sailboat from Zakynthos, Greece to Bremen, Germany for a tolal distance of 1700 miles, including the river channel system.
In 2003 he transported another vessel from Zakynthos to Italy, where he  circumnavigated Sicily for a total of 1100 miles.
In 2015 he crossed the Atlantic on a sailing trip from Athens, Greece to Martinique in the Caribbean for a total of 5200 miles.
In 2016 he sailed from Zakynthos to Dubrovnik Croation for a total of 700 miles.
Also in 2016 he was awarded the «Master of Yacht» license from the ISSA international sailing school

Bareboat Charter in Zakynthos

Feel like your own sailing yacht !

Enjoy the lifetime experience of chartering a sailing boat!

Our yachts all come fully equipped for bareboat charters.

For more details please feel free to contact us.


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email: soliton49@gmail.com

300m straight ahead from the Solomos Square.
37°47’04.5″N 20°54’08.7″E

Indy D
Indy D
A trip of a life time It was a trip of a life time! I went with my boyfriend and we had the time of our lives. Together with Alexandros (captain) who was such a kind and sharing person, we went to some beautiful places were we could go for a swim. My boyfriend and I were really interested in sailing so Alexandros learned us a lot of things, we were allowed to help and try some things out by ourselves. It was really great and nice of him to share some of his experience with us! And he also liked it:) But of course if you just wanted to relax it was also fine! It was an amazing day with an amazing captain:) We absolutely recommend this trip with him, because this was definitely the highlight of our vacation! Indy & Niek
Cindy Peter R
Cindy Peter R
Experience Zakynthos from a Sailboat Our fourth trip to Zakynthos was an entirely new experience when sailing, swimming and turtle watching with Captain Alexandros and his daughter along the dramatic coastline! Alexandros and his daughter made every effort to accommodate us and ensure our safety, comfort and a great experience. They even went to the trouble to contact me when they found my lost sunglasses after we had returned to the U.S. Thank You Zakynthos Sailing!
Fantastisch Wij hebben een topdag gehad. Heerlijk relaxed en echt kunnen zeilen. Alexandros is een goede gastheer en kapitein. Zijn boot is mooi en netjes. Zeer zeker een aanrader.
Five stars because there is no place for 6 The most beautifaul experience sailing in zante Alexandros a prefect skipper for a perfect sailing day and relaxing in the blue sea It s not just a normal rent it was like sailing with a friend not hurry and maximum relax very suggested
Such an amazing exprience! Alexandros was a great skipper and ensured that our family was taken care of and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He had snacks and music so we could truly enjoy the boat. He brought us to see Shipwreck beach and the blue caves and we were able to get out and swim in the clear blue water. He also took us sailing with the sail which was a unique experience and one we all enjoyed. I would highly recommend this excursion!
Amazing day at Sea! We did a day sail with Alexandros, he was very professional, very responsible and was also very kid friendly! He gave us suggestions on where to go but also took what we wanted to do into account. We sailed with the wind back to the port! We even went fishing! I highly recommend this boat and its captain!
Lucilla G
Lucilla G
Fantastic trip A wonderful day spent sailing between beautiful hidden beaches, giant turtles and blue sea. Thanks Alexandros!
Absolutely PERFECT Day!! We sailed with Alex today and it was incredible!!! The sail boat is awesome, we stopped twice to swim in the beautiful blue water and then went to Keri town for lunch stop. It was honestly PERFECTION (the whole experience) and the most relaxing day I have had in a very long time. The big boats carrying 100+ people kept going by and my daughter and I kept saying “Thank goodness we are not on THAT boat!! If you want a beautiful, uncrowded and relaxing day at sea...book this tour. You will NOT be disappointed!!
Best choice for a boat tour If you are looking for a great experience at sea; go for a day sailing! So much better than all the touristic (motor)boat tours. We had a really great relaxing day; sun, sailing and swimming! Alex is very friendly and happy all day long.
Strong winds, not very warm, no luck with the turtles....but a at the end of the day.... ....we get of the ship with a huge big smile!! What a great day, great views, impressive sights, amazing colors. Hours long sailing along the coast of Zakynthos. A refreshing swim close to Keri in a nice sheltered bay!! Thank you Alexandros!!